A Guide for Seniors Buying a Home in Scottsdale


Are you considering Scottsdale as your home for retirement? The Arizona city, known as “The West’s Most Western Town,” is one of the best places in the U.S. to retire. Seniors appreciate the ease of being outdoors, with warm days, mostly low humidity, and pleasantly cool nights. When you consider that nearly 20% of Scottsdale’s residents have reached age 65 and beyond, it makes sense that Scottsdale was rated the third best city for retirees in 2018.


Before settling down to relax and enjoy retirement, first you have to get through the house-hunting process. With the right strategy and resources, your experience can be smooth and stress-free. Here are some tips to optimize house-hunting in Scottsdale.


  1. Start With Your Retirement Budget


There are many factors that have impact your retirement budget, such as retirement age, spending, taxes, pensions, Social Security, and more. Only one element of your retirement budget is in your control, and that’s spending. Creating a solid budget will ensure that you have the money needed for your favorite activities and hobbies.


The first consideration with housing is to avoid investing in one that will cause unnecessary stress or one that you ultimately cannot afford. Your mortgage, maintenance demands, and property taxes are among the ongoing costs and expenses of home ownership. Some important steps to gaining an accurate assessment of your long-term financial situation in retirement follow:


  • In addition to determining your Medicare or Medicaid eligibility, check the status of your 401k or other retirement plans and expected monthly income once you’ve retired.
  • The cost of living and property taxes applicable to Scottsdale should also come into play as you prepare your retirement budget.


Scottsdale rates as moderately friendly to retirees, tax-wise, according to SmartAsset, a consumer financial services company. Social Security retirement benefits are not taxed but other sources of income are subject to taxes. You can discuss with your real estate agent whether you may have any available exemptions in the purchase of a home.


  1. Look for Homes with Universal Design


As a retiree, it’s important to buy a home that can meet changing needs as you age. Your real estate agent can help you find homes with “universal design,” to allow for smooth transitions while aging in place. A home with universal design has features that make it usable for all people, no matter their limitations, though it basically looks the same inside and out as other homes in the neighborhood.


Be sure to target a home with some or all of the following features – even if you don’t need them now, you may in the future:

  • The house has at least one way to enter without the need to use steps. A no-step entry is helpful for retirees because falling is the number one biggest health hazard for seniors, but it’s just as helpful for a mom pushing her baby in a stroller.
  • Ideally, outlets are a bit higher and easier to reach than their standard placement, and wall switches are a bit lower than usual, for ease of use. All home technologies should be easily accessible for a person confined to a wheelchair.
  • Storage and multiple countertop surfaces in the kitchen should accommodate short people as well as tall people.
  • In the bathroom, there should be a pull-up bar in the bathtub, a higher toilet seat than the standard height, a shower entry that’s flush with the floor, and other senior-friendly features.
  1. Other Senior Living Options in Scottsdale


You deserve a retirement in which you can live the lifestyle you want in a city of your choosing. Purchasing a home outright isn’t always the best option for retirees. Fortunately, various senior living options are available in Scottsdale.


When management of a home becomes overwhelming, retirees gravitate toward 55-plus communities. These adult living communities take the pressure off because things such as lawn care and home repair are handled for you. You still have your independence, and a wide range of amenities may be offered in any particular adult living community. Although extra fees are usually required, you can choose a 55-plus community in Scottsdale with access to such things as fitness centers, transportation options, and organized social activities. Discuss additional fees with your real estate agent.


As time passes, it’s possible that your mobility and health needs will get to the point that you are unable to live a fully independent life. That’s where assisted living facilities in Scottsdale can come in. There are many highly-rated communities in the Scottsdale area. Seniors get needed assistance with daily activities such as general housework, bathing, and managing medications.


  1. Work with a Reliable Realtor


Choosing an experienced and trustworthy realtor may be the most important key to a successful house-hunting experience in Scottsdale. It’s helpful to find a realtor you are comfortable with, and one who has experience assisting senior home buyers in finding their retirement home. Look no further than Jane Blacker, who has real estate expertise in Scottsdale and the surrounding area. Move closer to finding the home and retirement lifestyle of your dreams by contacting Jane Blacker today to get started on your house-hunting journey.